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Over the years, we have successfully operated our two workshops with the majority of machinery and tools being loaned or donated. Recently, a large proportion of these have become worn out or, in some cases, unsafe to use. This has resulted in a downturn in productivity as well as a lack of options in regards to type of projects our residents can successfully complete.

We are currently looking for any support available, be it sponsorship, discounts, or donations from manufacturers, trade outlets, and hire companies. Plus any help from the general public.

The items that we are most in need of are as follows:

Table saw, Mitre saw, circular saw, electric sander,

Jigsaw, Compressor, Planer, Nail gun.

As well as hand tools, tool boxes, and work wear.

Any help would be hugely grateful. We would love to share, through our website and social media, our association and acknowledgment with a companies, organisations or individuals like yourselves, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please email or call 07591 202172

if you are in a position to help.

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