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 Housing for the Homeless and the Reuse Project

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The Exaireo Trust is a local Christian charity and registered provider of social housing, offering temporary supported accommodation and holistic service to homeless single adults.


Our goal is to support homeless adults so that they may eventually live independently.


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In our
if you become
homeless, you will
require more than
simply a roof over
your head.

 Our holistic approach aims to tailor support 

 to the needs of the individual 


There are currently more than 50 people living in our fifteen houses in Loughborough and Coalville. Our goal is to help our residents become self-sufficient in the future by giving them a place to live, access to healthcare, assistance with developing life skills, and encouragement to return to work.

We launched our first community house in 2016 with a focus on helping people overcome drug and alcohol addictions. In order to assist the residents, Inspiration House operates a structured day programme with a staff member residing on-site. We launched Ruach House in 2021 with a focus on helping women in addiction recovery. Like Inspiration House, it operates in a similar manner. It's crucial to get folks back to work, therefore we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities at our Reuse Project and in the community.

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There are many reasons an individual can find themselves homeless. Often it can be the result of an underlying issue masked by alcohol and substance abuse.

45% of people experiencing homelessness have been diagnosed with a mental health issue.

Happy girl recovering from drug addiction and homelessness.

As the homeless crisis deepens across England, at least 271,000 people are recorded as homeless and rough sleeping has risen by 24% in 2024. 

Women represent around 13% of people sleeping rough

The harsh reality.

A homeless person's life cannot be resolved and restored by a single fast repair, as Exaireo's experience over the past 20 years has made abundantly evident.


A person may become homeless for a variety of reasons, including mental illness, domestic abuse, or poverty, but we have realised that a significant portion of the people we take into our programmes are there as a result of alcohol and drug abuse. 


Sometimes, this can result from their life being unavoidably consumed by what was once recreational use. Research shows that substances are used in the attempt to mask a traumatic event or episode of physical or sexual abuse that either happened relatively recently or has been buried in an individual's distant past. It can be unpleasant and painful for our residents to comprehend and handle these challenges, but we are increasingly seeing that without counselling and assistance, individuals can get caught in a cycle of recovery and relapse.

Unfortunately, it can be all too simple to pass judgement on a homeless person you see on the street; people frequently find themselves avoiding eye contact and turning away from what is becoming a common sight in our towns and cities. Realising that almost all of these people are not there of their own choice, they all have a narrative to tell—one that is almost never joyful and is far too frequently harrowing. It is crucial to understand that we, as individuals and as organisations, have the power to change and improve their lives.

We all greatly appreciate your support through donations, sponsorships, and word-of-mouth promotion. One of our private counselling sessions typically costs around £45 per hour. Please get in contact with us by phone or email if you'd like to donate to this worthy cause or the Exaireo Trust as a whole. You can also click the button below to visit our JustGiving website.


Many thanks, and God bless.


  About us 

 and what we do. 

There are some essentials we all require. As part of the recovery process, we explore these areas with our residents.

Having good physical and emotional health is the first step on an individuals journey to recovery.

This gives individuals the clarity and aptitude to make positive choices that will benefit them moving forward.

We provide access to substance misuse counselling, therapeutic counselling, gym membership, and leisure activities.

A good home is a place of safety, and a place to belong. We have houses in Loughborough and Coalville.

All of our houses are fully furnished, and bedding is provided on arrival. We provide individual assistance with the goal of giving people a solid emotional and mental foundation so they can continue their journey with purpose.

Skill based training.

With the aid of trained staff and volunteers, we work to assist our residents in developing their social and emotional skills so they are better equipped to live independently in the future.

We provide education, conflict resolution, budgeting, household skills, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Finding full-time work is key to economic independence.

We provide voluntary work experience placements at various departments within the Exaireo Trust. These include our Reuse project, allotments, property decorating and maintenance, and office and clerical work. We also provide workplace training, career mentoring, CV writing, practice job interviews, etc.

Helping young homeless adults dealing with addiction.


Greek verb

to pluck out, draw out, i.e. root out

to choose out, select, one person from many

to rescue, deliver

The Exaireo Trust was founded by a small group of friends who felt passionately about the need for a local organisation to help the homeless.


Established as a charity in 2008, initially with just three houses and just eleven residents.


Exaireo grew steadily with the help of a local housing association, enabling them to become a registered provider of social housing in Loughborough


Exaireo won the National Centre for Social Justice Award in December 2013. They went on to become a registered provider of social housing in December 2016.


We purchased our first property in 2016, renovating it as a home with an emphasis on having a family family feel. Later Exaireo opened Inspiration House as a community house for individuals recovering from addiction.


Exaireo went on to establish a furniture project to reuse and recycle unwanted household items that had been donated by the general public.

The Reuse Project grew from the seeds of the furniture project and now helps provide furniture for residents moving on from the programme as well as providing revenue for the charity through the sale of antique, upcycled, and pre-loved furniture.


Ruach house was created as a community house specifically for women recovering from addiction.

 A brief history, 

 the story so far... 


A local organisation helping young adults address and resolve the issues that have led them to become homeless.

Fundraising & partnerships

Find out how you as an individual, group or organisation can help The Exaireo Trust through donations, fundraising opportunities and corporate sponsorship.

Vacancies & volunteering

If you feel your skillset could benefit the Exaireo Trust, then please visit our job vacancies and volunteering opportunities page and be part of something great.

“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Matthew 25: 37-40

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Antique furniture and second hand furniture.

The ReUse Project helps our residents get back into the workplace by learning new skills and building confidence.


We sell upcycled/vintage and antique furniture together with paint and decorating supplies. We are also proud members of the Dulux sponsered Community RePaint Scheme.

 Exaireo ReUse 

 workshop appeal 


The workshop needs to replace a lot of its current equipment.
If you or your organisation can help in any way, please click the link below.

Cutting Wood
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